I have forty plus years behind the lens photographing numerous weddings, creating images for Blue Grass record album covers, creating custom senior portraits and other fine images.

I have photographed numerous special events that included Governors Bert T. Combs and Paul Patton.

I photographed on special assignment George Jones in concert. I created a slide presentation on home-bound students for the Kentucky Dept. of Education.

I Served as the official photographer for the Marine Corp Reserve in Fleming County for WWI hero Franklin Runyon Sousley's memorial dedication. He is one of the six flag-raisers in the famous photograph of United States Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima in World War II.

I spent a week alongside National Geographic Photographer Karen Kasmauski as she photographed a story for the National Geographic magazine.

I currently specialize in, special events, Studio and Outdoor Portraits,  fine art images and product photography.

Contact me today for your special photographic needs.

Larry Dixon

dixonlk@gmail.com  /  606.780.7666  / c: 606.356.7693

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